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BetterYou are an innovative natural health company specialising in the supplementation of the growing number of key nutrients lost through modern diet & lifestyle. BetterYou specialise in Vitamin Oral Sprays including Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12, and Multi Vitamin.
Brand: Better You Product Code: BetterYou_Dlux_3000
BetterYou DLux 3000 is an optimum strength vitamin D oral spray, specially formulated to deliver vitamin D through the soft tissue of the mouth for optimal absorption.Each spray delivers 3000IU (75μg) of vitamin D3 for an optimal dosageFast and effective absorptionA convenient alternative to tablets..
Ex Tax:€8.00
Brand: Better You Product Code: BetterYou_Dlux_4000
BetterYou DLux 4000 is an maximum strength vitamin D oral spray, specially formulated to deliver vitamin D through the soft tissue of the mouth for optimal absorption.A max strength vitamin D supplement delivery 4000IU (100μg) of vitamin D per sprayFast and effective absorptionA convenient alternati..
Ex Tax:€9.60
Brand: Better You Product Code: BetterYou_Dlux_3000K2
BetterYou D3000+K2 Oral Spray is an optimum strength supplement delivering 3000IU of vitamin D3 alongside 75μg vitamin K2 to support a healthy immune system, healthy bones and blood clotting.3 sprays deliver 3000IU (75μg) of vitamin D plus 75μg of vitamin K2Optimal support for bone healthK2 helps pr..
Ex Tax:€8.80
Brand: Better You Product Code: BetterYou_Tumeric
BetterYou Boost Daily Tumeric Oral Spray 25mlBetterYou Turmeric Oral Spray utilises a unique molecular encapsulation process that ensures essential curcuminoids are effectively absorbed via the soft tissue of the mouth, entering the rich vein system below.World’s first turmeric supplement in oral sp..
Ex Tax:€14.01
Brand: Better You Product Code: BetterYou_B12_Boost
BetterYou Boost B12 Oral Spray is an effective aid to normal psychological functions, expertly blended to help boost energy levels.4 sprays deliver an impressive 1,200μg of vitamin B12Vitamin B12 supports psychological functions and energy releaseStimulant free, containing natural B12, green tea and..
Ex Tax:€9.72
Brand: BioTech USA Product Code: BetterYou_MultiVitamin_Oral_Spray
BetterYou MultiVit Oral spray is an expert blend of 14 essential vitamins and minerals, that work together to support your body’s immune system and overall wellbeing.14 essential nutrientsComplete nutritional supportFast and effective absorptionGreat for those with an active or busy lifestyle32 dail..
Ex Tax:€10.48
Brand: Better You Product Code: BetterYou_Daily_Oral
Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Iron and Iodine25mlBetterYou Vegan Health Oral Spray contains a combination of nutrients scientifically formulated to support vegan health, including vegan D3, vitamin B12, iron and iodine.The formulation provides fast, effective absorption of nutrients typically underreprese..
Ex Tax:€13.89
Brand: Better You Product Code: BetterYou-Magnesium-Flakes
Better You Magnesium FlakesBetterYou Magnesium Flakes can be added to your bath to help soothe tired and aching muscles for the ultimate relaxation.Pure Zechstein Inside® Magnesium FlakesPromotes natural relaxationSoothes aching and tired musclesSuitable for baths and footbathsEffective magnesium ab..
Ex Tax:€6.08
Brand: Better You Product Code: BetterYou-Magnesium-Flakes-Muscle
Better You Magnesium Flakes MusclePure magnesium bath flakes with energising essential oilsBetterYou Magnesium Muscle Flakes provide an energising blend of Zechstein magnesium, lemon and rosemary to help you recharge and recover after exercise with a soothing magnesium flakes bath.Naturally reinvigo..
Ex Tax:€6.08
Brand: Better You Product Code: BU-Magnesium-Joint
BetterYou Magnesium Joint Body Spray 100mlThis product was formerly called Magnesium Oil Joint SprayBetterYou Magnesium Joint Body Spray is formulated to help you stay supple and flexible. Magnesium enhanced with glucosamine for direct muscle and joint application with the cooling effect of menthol ..
Ex Tax:€11.37
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