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BSN Fat Metaboliser - 60 Caps *Buy 1 Get 1 FREE *

BSN Fat Metaboliser - 60 Caps *Buy 1 Get 1 FREE *
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BSN Fat Metaboliser

Fat Metaboliser capsules from BSN have a unique blend of ingredients including caffeine, L-carnitine, green tea extract, pepper extract, zinc and B-vitamins, which help support your energy and metabolism to help you conquer each busy day.

BSN fat metaboliser can be used by anyone who works hard at looking good because they want to feel good. Watching what you eat and exercising can be a lifestyle balancing act, and BSN's range is here to help.

By adhering to a regimen of regular exercise and consuming a healthy, balanced diet, BSN Fat Metaboliser can complement your hard work by supporting your energy and metabolism.

What is in Optimum Nutrition Opti-Lean Fat Metaboliser?

Container Size:  30 Capsules

Serving Size:  2 Capsules


Amount Per Serving: (2 Capsules)

Thiamin: 1.1mg

Riboflavin: 1.4mg

Niacin: 16 mg 

Vitamin B6: : 1.4 mg 

Folic Acid : 100 µg 

Biotin: 25 µg 

Zinc : 10 mg 

Chromium: 60µg

Green Tea Extract :350 mg

Green Coffee Extract: 250 mg

Guarana Extract: 200 mg

Caffeine : 170 mg

L Carntine: 40 mg

Yerba Mate Extract: 20 mg

Cayenne Pepper Extract : 10 mg

Black Pepper Extract : 5.0 mg


How to take BSN Fat Metaboliser?

Take 2 capsules daiy with food

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BSN Fat Metaboliser - 60 Caps *Buy 1 Get 1 FREE *
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