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Biotech USA Black Burn - 90 Capsules

Biotech USA Black Burn - 90 Capsules

Biotech USA Black Burn - 90 Capsules

Why do we recommend Black Burn?

  • Mega capsules – with 28 active ingredients
  • Each serving contains 200 mg caffeine
  • With 11 kinds of herbal extracts
    • including black pepper powder and cayenne pepper extract
    • With 2 sources of L-carnitine: L-carnitine, L-tartrate and acetyl-L-carnitine
    • With choline, HCA (from Garcinia cambogia fruit extract) and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
    • With 2 types of amino acids: with L-tyrosine and L-phenylalanine
    • With 4 micronutrients: iron, iodine, zinc, chrome
    • With 5 types of vitamins: vitamin B complex (vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12)

What does a portion of Black Burn contain?

In addition to the basic vitamin and mineral complexes of Black Burn, there are popular ingredients like L-carnitine, L-tyrosine, CLA, HCA or inositol in the product. Among the diversified active ingredients of the product, there are 11 plant extracts such as cayenne pepper, black pepper, Coleus forskohlii root, green tea leaf, green coffee and guarana. The latter 3 plant extracts also serve as a natural source of caffeine, but we also enriched it with added anhydrous caffeine so that you can get even more energized with your workouts.

Let's have a look at the numbers!

One serving (3 capsules) contains:

  • Fatty Acid Metabolism
    • 371 mg of L-carnitine (from L-carnitine, L-tartrate and acetyl-L-carnitine)
    • 252 mg of choline citrate
    • 90 mg of CLA
    • 90 mg of HCA
    • 94 mg of quercetin dihydrate
    • 5.7 mg zinc
    • 25 µg chromium
    • 1.1 mg of vitamin B6
    • Natural Thermo & Energy
      • 400 mg of cocoa seed extract
        • out of which theobromine 160 mg
  • 210 mg of green coffee bean extract
    • out of which 105 mg of chlorogenic acid
  • 150 mg of green tea leaf extract
    • out of which polyphenols 57 mg
  • 200 mg of guarana seed extract preparation
  • 90 mg Coleus forskohlii root extract
    • out of which forskolin 12 mg
  • 5 mg of black pepper powder
  • 4.75 mg cayenne pepper extract
  • 72.8 mg of dandelion root extract
  • 45 mg of Polygonum cuspidatum root extract
    • out of which resveratrol 42.8 mg
  • 5.3 mg of pantothenic acid
  • 4.3 mg of niacin
  • 2.2 µg of vitamin B12
  • Synthetic Stimulant & Mental Complex
    • 200 mg of caffeine
    • 300 mg of inositol
    • 300 mg L-tyrosine
    • 150 mg L-phenylalanine
    • 12 mg of iron
    • 187 µg of folic acid
    • 71.8 µg iodine

What is in Biotech USA Black Burn?

30 Servings

Natural Thermo & Energy
Cocoa extract 400mg
 - of which theobromine 160mg
Green coffee extract 210mg
- of which chlorogenic acid 105mg
Guarana extract preparation  200mg
Green tea extract 150mg
- of which polyphenols 57mg
Coleus forskohlii extract 90mg
- of which forskolin 12mg
Dandelion extract 72.8 mg
Polygonum cuspidatum extract 45mg
- of which resveratro 42.8mg
Black pepper powder 5mg
Cayenne pepper extract 4.75mg
Pantothenic acid 5.3mg
Niacin (as nicotinic acid) 4.3mg
Vitamin B12 2.2ug
Fatty Acid Metabolism
L-carnitine  371mg
Choline citrate 252mg
- of which choline 86mg
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) 90mg
Garcinia cambogia extract 150mg
- of which HCA 90mg
Quercetin dihydrate (from Sophora japonica extract) 94mg
Zinc 5.7mg
Vitamin B6 1.1mg
Chromium 25ug
Synthetic Stimulant & Mental Complex
L-Tyrosine 300mg
Inositol 300mg
Caffeine 200mg
- from caffeine anhydrous 150mg
- from guarana extract preparation 20mg
- from green tea extract 9mg
- from green coffee extract 21mg
L-Phenylalanine 150mg
Iron 12mg
Folic acid 187ug
Iodine 71.8ug

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Biotech USA Black Burn - 90 Capsules
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