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Grenade Reload Protein Oat Bar - Pack of 12

Grenade Reload Protein Oat Bar - Pack of 12
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Grenade Reload Protein Oat Bar - Pack of 12

  • Sustainable Palm oil 
  • Informed-Sport Approved 
  • High Protein Low Sugar
  • 2.2g Sugar
  • 17g Protein

If it's an energy boost you need, then the Reload® oat energy bar is the snack for you! Made with all-natural nut butters and wholegrain oats, Reload® provides slow-release energy to see you through your busy day. This tasty, high protein energy bar is also high in fibre and low in sugar, making it a great option for healthier snackers. Presented in two 35g servings, Reload® can be eaten at any time, whether you're reloading the squat rack to tackle your next set or battling your way through the morning commute. With three delicious flavours to choose from, it'll be a challenge choosing your favourite!


Reload® is a high protein, low sugar energy oat bar, made with wholegrain oats to provide slow release energy during your jam-packed day. Featuring all-natural nut butters, this deliciously soft oat bar is full of flavour and packed with protein, with up to 17g per bar. It’s also high in fibre and supports Grenade®’s low sugar credentials, offering less than 3.4g of sugar per bar.

Suitable for vegetarians, this versatile energy bar is the perfect snack for any occasion, whether you’re tackling a tough set in the gym or braving the daily commute. Presented in two 35g portions, Reload® is ideal for on-the-go snacking – have half ahead of your morning run and the other half as a midday pick-me-up!

Reload® is available in three tasty flavours: Billionaires Shortbread, Chocolate Chunk and Blueberry Muffin – good luck choosing your favourite!

What is in Grenade Reload Protein Oat Bar?

Nutrition 100g 70g 35g
Energy (kj) 1430 1002 501
Energy (kcal) 340 238 119
Fat 14g 10g 4.8g
Of which saturates 5.3g 3.6g 1.7g
Carbohydrate 32g 22g 11g
Of which Sugars 3.2g 2.2g 1.1g
Of which Polyols 14g 10g 5g
Fibre 11g 7.4g 3.7g
Protein 24g 17g 8.5g
Salt 0.53g 0.36g 0.18g
Manganese 0.86mg 0.60mg 0.30mg 



You can consume Reload® energy oat bars at any time. They’re the perfect snack when you need an energy kick, whether that’s first thing in the morning or during high-endurance activity.


Both Reload® and Carb Killa® bars offer Grenade®’s high protein, low sugar credentials and, of course, taste great! However, Reload® is the go-to if you’re in need of an energy boost. Made with wholegrain oats, Reload® bars provide slow release energy, making them the perfect snack to fuel your busy day.


Oats, specifically wholegrain oats, are packed with nutrients and are a great source of fibre. They’re also filling, helping you to feel fuller for longer. Head over to our blog for the full lowdown on why oats are a great addition to your diet.

How to use  Grenade Reload Protein Oat Bar?

A great energy boost for any occasion, Reload® oat bars can be consumed at any time. Whether you’re in need of a tasty on-the-go breakfast option or a pre-cardio lift, Reload® is sure to satisfy your taste buds while also supplying your body with the fuel it needs to smash your goals!

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Grenade Reload Protein Oat Bar - Pack of 12
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