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Naturya Superfoods

Brand: Naturya Superfoods Product Code: Naturya-Organic-Maca
Maca Powder - OrganicLoaded with thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, calcium and ironBoost energy levels and increase staminaThe British Olympic team value maca’s perfectly balanced nutrient profileDeliciously sweet and maltyWhy is it good for me?High in Iron which contributes to normal formation of re..
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Naturya Organic Wheatgrass Powder 200g
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Brand: Naturya Superfoods Product Code: Naturya_Wheatgrass
Naturya Wheatgrass Powder - OrganicOne serving packs in over a third of your recommended daily intake of ironHigh in protein and fibreEnergises the body and supports the immune systemOrganic, gluten-free, kosher and veganQuality & ProvenanceNurtured in nutrient rich organic soil, it drinks from ..
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Brand: OstroVit Product Code: ostrovit-chlorella
OstroVit Chlorella 90 tabsOstroVit Chlorella is a dietary supplement that has been developed on the basis of algae belonging to unicellular microalgae from the green cluster. The product has recently been classified as superfoods due to its pleiotropic effect on the human body. Chlorella is a wealth..
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