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Power System 4055 CROSS BAND LEVEL 5 - BLACK

Power System 4055 CROSS BAND LEVEL 5 - BLACK
Power System 4055 CROSS BAND LEVEL 5 - BLACK
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Power System 4055 CROSS BAND LEVEL 5 - BlACK

PS4053 CROSS BAND LEVEL 5 is very durable versatile rubber training .

It is designed for functional training , either in the gym or fitness club and at home .

Properties of rubber Power System Cross Band allow you to practice with various degrees of progressive resistance.

Well suited also for training and rehabilitation , and can also serve as a supporting tool ( eg . When pulling on the stick ) 

Rubber Power System Cross Band can also be used as a complement to strength training (additional dynamic resistance eg .

The barbell bench press , squats and deadlift ) . It is also very popular tool for training gymnastics, martial arts training and crossfit .

They can be used for:
• Speed and agility training
• Jumping
• Plyometrics
• Aerobics
• Flexibility exercises
• Stretching
• General conditioning
• Prehabilitation
• Rehabilitation





  32 mm



  45 mm 



  64 mm


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