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SaltStick Anti-Cramp Electrolyte salt capsules and dispensers designed for cyclists, triathletes, runners, and adventure racers. SaltStick Capsules are crucial to minimizing muscle cramping, heat stress and fatigue and the dispensers provide you with a way to take them just about anywhere. Key Search: SaltStick, Salt, Stick, Dispenser, Capsule Dispenser, electrolyte replacement, electrolyte supplement, sodium, potassium, capsule, pill, tablet, triathlon, endurance, hyponatremia, heat exhaustion, ironman, adventure racing, salt pill, salt cap.

SaltStick Caps Electrolyte Plus Caffeine 100 Capsules
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Brand: SaltStick Product Code: saltstick_plus
Contents per Capsule - 30 mg Caffeine - 190 mg Sodium - 53 mg Potassium - 14 mg Calcium - 7 mg Magnesium - 100 IU Vitamin D Features - NON-GMO - VEGETARIAN - GLUTEN FREE - INFORMED CHOICE   SaltStick® Caps Plus is a vegetarian capsule made with premium, buffer..
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Brand: SaltStick Product Code: saltstick100
The Saltstick electrolyte capsules help to minimize heat stress and muscle cramping thanks to the formulation mimicing the electrolyte profile lost during activity.When undertaking any activity in hot weather, whether that is running, cycling or any other physical endeavour you will l..
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