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Brand: Harbinger Product Code: Harbinger-Belt
4" wide contoured leather for reliable core supportInterior foam padding and suede lining for comfortHeavy duty dual-pronged steel roller buckle locks belt into position..
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Harbinger Red Line Wrist Wraps  - 2 pcs (Competition Grade)
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Brand: Harbinger Product Code: Harbinger_Red_Line_WristWraps
RED LINE WRISTWRAPSCompetition grade elastic with fully adjustable closure18" length for wrist stabilityThumb loop for quick wrappingOne size fits all2 Harbinger Wrist Wraps Per Pack..
Ex Tax:€11.30
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3330
POWER SYSTEM CrossFit Grip grips strengthen the wrist, prevent unpleasant calluses and blisters. At the same time, it offers sufficient grip sensitivity. It protects your palms and improves grip in all gymnastic disciplines. For a perfect fit on the hand, the grips are ..
Ex Tax:€10.49
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3400
-          Strong cotton belts for a firm, non-slip grip-          Soft neoprene padding for wrist support-          double stitching for long li..
Ex Tax:€7.31
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3401
Power System 3401 Premium Edition Lifting Straps Duplex - 2 PcsPowerSystem-LIFTING STRAPS DUPLEX  or Two-layer tearers, with much greater strength. Robust strengthening strap . The main advantage of rippers is that they comfortably and effectively help stabili..
Ex Tax:€8.05
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3405
POWER SYSTEM  FIGURE 8 Lifting Straps feature an extra-strength cotton webbing in a basket weave for superior reinforcement, reliability and comfort. Sized for use on a deadlift bar, the double-loop design can help athletes focus on their pull, and greater weight loads, without having..
Ex Tax:€9.67
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3430
PS XTR-GRIP STRAPS 3430 is a durable training straps that support the grip, especially useful when using larger weights. The POWER-SYSTEM XTR-GRIP belts are made of thick and strong, double-stitched cotton, have a silicone non-slip layer and a soft, neoprene lining around the wrist to improve c..
Ex Tax:€7.24
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3500
Power System 3500 Wrist Wraps- 2 pcs *Colour May Vary*   Protect the carpal joints and ligaments from sprains, injuries, improve training and ensure stable operation, and thus your sporting achievements, help carpal bandages Power system PS - 3500 WRIST WRAPS. Suitable for work..
Ex Tax:€7.31
Brand: Power System Product Code: 2860
  POWER SYSTEM gloves CROSS POWER created for CrossFit exercises.  The palms and the area between the thumb and forefinger are made of a special material to ensure a natural grip and prevent fatigue.  Small holes in the palms ensure breathability. The material on the back of t..
Ex Tax:€10.49
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3250
Power Systems -  Weight Lifting Leather Belt 3250The 4 Inch wide Power System Top Quality  Leather Padded Belt provides you support and reduces the stress placed on your back when weight lifting. Soft suede lining. Built-in Carbon fiber lumbar pad. Double-prong seamless roller buckle. Doub..
Ex Tax:€13.74
Brand: Harbinger Product Code: HarbingerPowerGymGloves
Harbinger Power Gym Gloves Minimal Padding, Real Bar FeelStretchBack™ mesh provides a flexible fitPadded palm offers enhanced comfort and firm gripDouble layered thumb for extra protectionFully adjustable wrist closure for a secure fit ½ finger lengths..
Ex Tax:€13.00
Brand: Harbinger Product Code: HarbingerPowerGymGloves
Harbinger Womens PRO Gym Gloves Minimal Padding, Real Bar FeelContoured, double layered palm for comfort and flexibilityPerformance vented stretch panels release heat to keep hands coolWash and Dry real leather is machine washable for easy careFully adjustable wrist closure for a secure fit½ fi..
Ex Tax:€16.25
Brand: Power System Product Code: 2700
Power System NO COMPROMISE Gym / Weight Lifting gloves:     - back gloves made ​​of high grade leather with perforations on three fingers for better ventilation, - extremely soft cushioning foam, foam in key areas on the underside of gloves, - layer glove ma..
Ex Tax:€8.93
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3700
Knee Wraps Pro Product Details: If you’re into powerlifting or you do heavy squats, deadlifts etc, then knee straps are a must. If your knees hurt when you squat or deadlift then it would be very wise to invest in a pair of knee straps today. Knee straps protect your knees, joints and ligaments...
Ex Tax:€12.19
Brand: Power System Product Code: 2570
Power System 2570 Womens Power Gym Gloves- Airtex material on the back of gloves for the management of moisture- Back 4way gloves made ​​of flexible, lightweight material,- Silicone printed on the bottom of the hand for a better grip.- Glove made of high quality plastic Amara- Closing with velcro fo..
Ex Tax:€7.24
Power System 3350 Lifting Straps With Pin - 2 Pcs
Out Of Stock
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3350
Lifting Straps Product Details: Deluxe padded lifting straps you`ll no longer have to stop short another back workout if you find that your grip is the first to go before you start putting your back through its paces. Our high grade cotton constructed straps with added padding for extra comfort..
Ex Tax:€6.42
Brand: Power System Product Code: 6014
POWER SYSTEM 6014 NEO BACK SUPPORTHelps relieve Muscle and Joint DiscomfortHigh-quality adjustable neoprene belt back stabilizing the company POWER SYSTEM. It helps to alleviate the pain of lumbosacral and wpsomaga treatment. The product has been specifically designed to provide reinforcement and pr..
Ex Tax:€12.15
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3410
Power System Ankle Straps - 3410build power and strength in legs, thighs, glutes and hipsneoprene padding provides safety and comfort to your anklecomfortable and strong nylon material for an easy workoutsolid steel double d-ring for all cable machinesColour: red-and-black ..
Ex Tax:€8.00
Brand: Power System Product Code: 6003
The bandage is made of elastic, breathable material. The bandage strengthens the ankle joint, acts prophylactically, protects the joint from injuries, especially when the joint is weakened. It also helps in post-traumatic rehabilitation. The bandages provide comfortable and firm suppo..
Ex Tax:€6.42
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3600
Elbow Wraps Product Details: - adapted to the loads of cotton material protects the elbow, - length of the band allows for further wrapping in order to enhance the stability, - Velcro closure provides fit, - sizes: standard (one size) - Colors: black with..
Ex Tax:€10.00
Brand: Power System Product Code: 6030
The POWER SYSTEM KNEE SLEEVES knee bandage provides support and compression of sufficient strength and reduces the risk of stretching or tearing muscles during intense physical exertion.Packaging: sold in pairs (2 knee bandages in the package) ..
Ex Tax:€15.44
Brand: Power System Product Code: 6015
Power System Patella Tendon Evo Support.KNEE patella EVO band stiffening the kneeBandage on the knee from stiffening sip pin insert that provides optimum pressure and support for the kneecap. In addition, the band is adjustable allowing to adjust the pressure. It supports the reduction of the f..
Ex Tax:€8.05
Brand: Power System Product Code: 3830
Colors : Product sent may vary between black and yellow or black and redPower System Leather Belt Power Beast  PS 3830 POWER BEAST- Made from thick and durable leather - Solid metal buckle ensures a firm fit belt PS 3830 POWER BEAST - a belt made of high quality natural thick skin. 383..
Ex Tax:€24.38
Brand: Chiba Product Code: chiba-40597
Chiba Lady Power Fitness Glove 40597 Bi-elastic materials on the backs of the hands for optimum fitPalm made of soft and durable microfibreWith Velcro strapsTerry cloth thumb to mop up sweatWashable at 30 °C..
Ex Tax:€9.67
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