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Ankle Straps

Brand: Power System Product Code: 3410
Power System Ankle Straps - 3410build power and strength in legs, thighs, glutes and hipsneoprene padding provides safety and comfort to your anklecomfortable and strong nylon material for an easy workoutsolid steel double d-ring for all cable machinesColour: red-and-black ..
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Brand: Power System Product Code: 6003
The bandage is made of elastic, breathable material. The bandage strengthens the ankle joint, acts prophylactically, protects the joint from injuries, especially when the joint is weakened. It also helps in post-traumatic rehabilitation. The bandages provide comfortable and firm suppo..
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Brand: Power System Product Code: 6022
Made of unique, extremely strong, transversely laid elastic fibers for long lasting and demanding fastening. The special design allows power dissipation and overload during movement and minimizes slip and shrinkage bandages. The product provides comfortable, even compression to r..
Ex Tax:€9.00
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