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VIA FORTIS founded in 2016 in Berlin. Since then we have been working on getting more people excited about our idea every day: WORKOUT EVERYWHERE! Because we think that you should have the opportunity to do sports anytime and anywhere. And our sports equipment stands for exactly this philosophy: ready for immediate use, light and compact, as versatile as a fitness studio and only manufactured to the highest quality standards. Are you in? Then get your freedom and let's #workouteverywhere.

FABRIC LOOP BANDSFor the best comfort during your workout, our new fabric LOOP BANDS are your first choice: Super skin-friendly, non-slip and without the annoyance of rolling up you can rely on the STOFF LOOP BANDS.FABRIC INSTEAD OF RUBBER: The textile material of our new fitness bands is skin-frien..
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Via Fortis Fitness Band Set *20% OFF*
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The VIA FORTIS fitness band set is the perfect addition to your workout and great for warming up, stretching and improving your mobility. In addition to the straps in three strengths, the set also includes a practical door anchor for pulling exercises from above. Ideal for your workout at ..
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Product Code: VIA-FORTIS--Resistance-Bands
Via Fortis Premium Resistance Bands - 100% flexible and 100% made of real natural latex.Do you want to design your workout the way it works best for you? Whether at home, in the park, on the beach or after a long day at work in the gym? Welcome to the world of VIA FORTIS! Like all of ..
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Brand: Power System Product Code: Via-roller
The 2-in-1 fascia roller from Via Fortis.For your relaxed back and a healthy spine.Use your 2-in-1 fascia roller to release tension with an uncomplicated self-massage, make your muscles more flexible, relax the spine and loosen hardened fascia.Thanks to the 2-in-1 technology, two massage rollers are..
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Via Fortis Massage Ball Set
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Less muscle soreness - less tension.Each of your workouts strains your muscles and fascia. This is why regular massages and stretching sessions before and after your training are important. To effectively support you and prevent annoying tension, we have developed our massage ball set for you. ..
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