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Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides 567g
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Brand: Vital Proteins Product Code: Vital_proteins_Collagen_Peptides
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides 567gVital Proteins® Collagen Peptides Powder 567g is an unflavoured collagen peptides powder.What are Collagen Peptides?Collagen peptides are small, soluble pieces of protein derived from bovine collagen or marine collagen. Vital Proteins’ collagen peptides are ..
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Brand: Vital Proteins Product Code: Vital_proteins_Marine-Collagen
Vital Proteins Marine Collagen 221gVital Proteins® Marine Collagen 221g is a marine collagen supplement that’s designed to help support your body’s natural collagen supply.Our marine collagen powder is sourced from FISH scales.What is Marine Collagen?Vital Proteins® Marine Collagen is high..
Ex Tax:€33.39
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