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BioTech USA Clear Whey Isolate 1.362kg (54 Servings)

BioTech USA Clear Whey Isolate 1.362kg  (54 Servings)

BioTech USA Whey Zero Clear Iso- 54 Servings

Tastes like a refreshing juice! The innovative Iso Whey Zero Clear  by BioTech USA combines the best whey protein isolate with the refreshing taste of fruit juice and soft drinks . 

Per 25g Serving

  • 21g Protein
  • 4.6g BCAA
  • 88 Calories
  • Less than 0.5g Fat
  • Less than 0.5g Sugar

BioTech USA Iso Whey Zero Clear is ideal for building muscle mass  . It also fits perfectly into a diet and definition phase for muscle maintenance. The protein powder is low in carbohydrates and free of sugar and fat. Bodybuilders and fitness athletes appreciate the excellent digestibility. 


Iso Whey Zero Clear is an excellent choice, if you want a refreshing drink instead of your creamy protein shake. Thanks to its basic ingredient, a special whey protein isolate, Iso Whey Zero Clear is like a light, transparent soft drink. It is a great alternative if you are looking for a truly refreshing protein drink! We’ve changed only its texture, so you get the same high-quality standard as by other Iso Whey Zero products.

The new  Biotech USA Iso Whey Zero Clear is gluten-free and lactose-free. It contains all relevant essential and non-essential amino acids for building muscle. With this premium protein you are doing everything right. A refreshing taste, fantastic solubility and the best quality await you. Order now online HPnutrition and in 1-2 at your home . Here we go!

  • Whey protein isolate
  • sugar free
  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • palm oil free
  • tastes like juice
  • super refreshing

The well-known Biotech USA Iso Whey Zero is one of the best-selling protein powders in Europe.  The new  Biotech USA Iso Whey Zero Clear differs in taste and mouthfeel. It doesn't taste like milk but like juice . The flavors tropical fruit , lime and peach iced tea are refreshing and delicious ! The Biotech USA Iso Whey Zero contains only whey protein isolate as a protein source. With a protein content of up to 85%, it achieves absolute top values . Convince yourself!

 Nutritional values  per 100g   25g
 energy  1493 kJ / 352 kcal  373 kJ / 88 kcal 
 fat  0.5 g  > 0.5 g 
-saturated  0.3 g  > 0.5 g 
 carbohydrates  > 0.5 g  > 0.5 g 
 - of which sugars  > 0.5 g  > 0.5 g 
 protein  85 g  21 g 
 salt  0.02 g  > 0.01 g 


 amino acids  per 25 g 
 L-histidine  398 mg 
 L-isoleucine  1220 mg 
 L-leucine  2242 mg 
 L-lysine  1949 mg 
 L-methionine  498 mg 
 L-phenylalanine  677 mg 
 L-threonine  1372 mg 
 L-trypotophan  363 mg 
 L-valine  1180 mg 
 L-arginine  532 mg 
  L-cysteine  677 mg 
 L-glutamic acid  3665 mg 
 L-proline  1172 mg 
 L-tyrosine  631 mg 
 L-alanine  1016 mg 
 L-aspartic acid  2270 mg 
 L-glycine  380 mg 
 L-serine 1008 mg 


97% whey protein isolate, aroma, acidifier: citric acid, antifoam: dimethylpolysiloxane and silicon dioxide, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids and polysorbate, sweetener: sucralose, color: tartrazine, indigotine

Contains dairy products. May contain traces of eggs, nuts, soy, spawned animals. Tartrazine can make children less alert.

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BioTech USA Clear Whey Isolate 1.362kg (54 Servings)
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