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Brand: Power System Product Code: 4042
Power System DUAL-CORE AB WHEEL 4042NEAR TO EXERCISE DUAL-CORE AB WheelDouble wheel provides greater stability and can withstand wit spear Can be used at any stage of the training, Non-slip coating wheels ensures safety and stability exercise Minor dimensions allow easy tran..
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Brand: Power System Product Code: 4050
Power System Fitness RollerMaterial: 80% EVA, 20% ABSLow and Flat -  Like Feeling PalmMedium and Tubular - Like Feeling ThumbHigh And Firm - Like Feeling FingersThe Fitness Foam Roller is a trusted performance tool for improving mobility, range of motion, balance and gait. It has been specifica..
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Brand: Power System Product Code: 4006
Power System POWER AB WHEEL 4006A device for abdominal muscles.- Double wheels for greater stability.- Small dimensions,- Non-slip foam grips for added comfort...
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Brand: Power System Product Code: 4074
Power System Prime RollerThe fine-textured yoga roller is a very effective training aid for rehabilitation, relaxation or strength training, which is used in yoga and pilates.Exercising with the PRIME ROLLER roller helps to reduce stress, muscle imbalance and tension. It is an id..
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Brand: Power System Product Code: ps_4065
POWER SYSTEM TWIN CORE AB WHEEL 4065 is an extremely durable wheel with handle padded with a soft and durable and non-slip foam. Practicing with the TWIN CORE AB WHEEL wheel, we strengthen and model the muscles of the abdomen, shoulders, arms and back. The wheel can be used at any stage of..
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Brand: Power System Product Code: 4085
POWER-SYSTEM WHEEL YOGA WHEEL PRO POWER-SYSTEM WHEEL YOGA WHEEL PRO is a device supporting yoga exercises. It improves the flexibility of the muscles and the spine It stretches and relaxes the muscles of the lumbar and hips It stretches the chest, strengthens the body and reduces the defe..
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Brand: Trec Nutrition Product Code: trec-massage-roller
Trec 9 Rollers Muscle Massage Stick-Massage Roller-for Reduce Muscle Soreness, Tightness1.Multi Functional: Large and intensive knobs provide you with a deep tissue massage. It Restores and rehabilitates sore, tight muscles, releases tension, gets rid of knots, increases blood circulation and improv..
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Via Fortis 2-in-1 Fascia Foam Roller
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Brand: Power System Product Code: Via-roller
The 2-in-1 fascia roller from Via Fortis.For your relaxed back and a healthy spine.Use your 2-in-1 fascia roller to release tension with an uncomplicated self-massage, make your muscles more flexible, relax the spine and loosen hardened fascia.Thanks to the 2-in-1 technology, two massage rollers are..
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