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Greande Carb Killa Proein Bars | Grenade Thermo | Grenade® is the go-to brand in the active nutrition/healthy snacking space. With its full range of high protein, low sugar offerings, Grenade® leads the way with a range of great tasting, healthy snacking products.
Brand: Grenade Product Code: at4
Grenade AT4Grenade AT4 has been developed to transform your body’s anabolic environment. To achieve maximum strength and muscle mass, it’s not enough to just hit the weights hard and get in all of your calories and protein, you need to achieve the right hormonal balance to ensure that you recover fr..
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Brand: Grenade Product Code: GrenadeCarbKilla
GRENADE CARB KILLA® PROTEIN BARSay hello to the iconic Carb Killa® high protein bar. This triple-layered, chocolate-coated bar is high in protein and low in sugar, offering ultimate guilt-free indulgence. Perfect for a post-workout pick me up, a mid-day treat or an on the go snack, the Carb Kil..
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Brand: Grenade Product Code: grenade_100
‘Declare War on Fat’ with Grenade®’s multi-award-winning weight management system Thermo Detonator®. Designed by nutrition experts, this supplement combines the highest quality, maximum potency ingredients, enhancing energy and focus during your session. Natural metabolism-boosting ingredients, such..
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Brand: Grenade Product Code: GrenadeBlackOps
Grenade Black Ops 100 CapsBlack Ops™ is an elite weight management system developed by the multi award winning R&D team at Grenade® and has a unique stimulatory effect, designed to enhance mental and physical performance.Precisely timed stimulant – Ideal for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Trainin..
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Brand: Grenade Product Code: GrenadeSpread
Grenade Carb Killa Spread 360gWe've put the bar in a jarA range of indulgent chocolate spreads made with whey protein, available in 3 flavours. A smooth Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate filled with crunchy cookie pieces & Hazelnut with small chunky real hazelnut pieces. Carb Killa® Spread can be ..
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Brand: Grenade Product Code: Grenade_Reload_Oat_Bar
Grenade Reload Protein Oat Bar - Pack of 12GMO FREE Sustainable Palm oil Informed-Sport Approved High Protein Low Sugar2.2g Sugar17g ProteinIf it's an energy boost you need, then the Reload® oat energy bar is the snack for you! Made with all-natural nut butters and wholegrai..
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Brand: Grenade Product Code: GrenadeRationPack1
Grenade: Ration Pack  Ultimate All Round Vitamin, Mineral and Anti-Oxidant Pack! Stay Fit and Healthy, immune support! Grenade® Ration Pack Grenade® Ration Pack is a complete, daily food supplement, designed to provide comprehensive nutritional support to hard-tr..
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