PhD Burn Pre Workout 200g

  • PhD Burn Pre Workout 200g

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PhD Burn Pre Workout 200g

  • Brand: PhD Nutrition
  • Product Code: PhDburn
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  • Retail Price: €27.59

  • Our Price: €21.90

PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT BURN  is a high quality, high intensity pre workout that has been made to support anyone on their weight management goals.

  • Weight Management
  • 225mg Cafffeine
  • High Quality
  • Features L-Carnitine
  • Unique Teacrine Blend

  • This product uses ingredients such as Caffeine, L-Carnitine, CLA and Teacrine, Glutamine and essential amino acids.

    Additionally, it provides you with 225mg of Caffeine. Caffeine can help with increasing energy levels, mental focus and alertness.

    PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT BURN also contains L-Carnitine. -Carnitine helps play a crucial role in the production of energy. It helps transport fatty acids into your cells’ mitochondria The mitochondria act as engines within your cells, burning these fats to create usable energy. L-Carnitine can be produced out of amino acids lysine and methionine.

    This formula also helps with providing essential amino acids. These are very important as they prevent muscles from being broken down using protein synthesis. They consist of Leucine, IsoLeucine and Valine. They are called essential due to our body needing them but not being able to create them.

    Typical ValuesPer 10 g ServingPer 100g
    Energy (kj)168.01680
    Energy (kcal)39.0390
    Protein (g)8.080.4
    Carbohydrates (g)1.818.2
    Of which Sugars (g)0.00.1
    Fat (g)0.00
    Of which saturates (g)0.00
    Dietary Fibre (g)0.00
    Salt (g)0.10.5
    Caffeine (mg)225.02250
    Carnitine (mg)1,000.010000
    CLA (mg)300.03000
    Glutamine (mg)4,570.045700
    Iso-Leucine (mg)375.03750
    Leucine (mg)750.07500
    TeaCrine® (mg)75.0750
    Tyrosine (mg)700.07000
    Valine (mg)375.03750
    Vitamin B6 (mg)0.77
    Zinc (mg)1.515

    Recommended Usage:

    Pre Workouts are to be used only before exercise, it sounds crazy to tell you this, but they are purpose-driven sports nutrition that are designed for use before exercise. However, how you prepare them doesn't have to be so boring. You can make ice lollies by freezing a mixture overnight (great in summer), you can add them to your favourite juice (just remember to count the calories and macros added by the fruit juice). Click here to see some great alternatives:

    If you want to just add them to water and train hard (like we do), then add 1 scoop to 300ml of water, shake, drink and then go smash your PB's!


    Nutritionals For Fruit Punch Flavour

     L-Glutamine, Instantised Branch Chain Amino Acids (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)), L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Flavouring, Acidifying Agent (Citric Acid), Conjugated Linoleic Acid Powder [Safflower Oil (Rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Milk Protein, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Vitamin E], Caffiene, TeaCrine® (1,3,7,9-Tetramethyluric acid), Green Coffee Bean Extract, Ornithine Hydrochloride, ZInc Oxide, Vitamin B6, Colour (Beetroot Red), Sweetener (sucralose)

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    Available Options

    • Retail Price: €27.59

    • Our Price: €21.90

    • Brand: PhD Nutrition
    • Product Code: PhDburn
    • Availability: In Stock

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